Open5G is becoming Hexvarium. We look forward to the next chapter in our relationship with you. Stay tuned for more details.


Hexvarium CEO Gerry Lawlor explains how a successful market entry must be very calculated as to whom and how you validate the investment while also being able to engage the right people with the right message.


Local ISP Lures Customers with Faster Broadband, Lower Prices, and Fanatical Customer Service


Atherton Fiber, a subsidiary of Open 5G, says it is now providing services in Atherton and North Fair Oaks, CA. The company, which operates on an open access network model, has its eyes on surrounding communities as well.


Mark Litwintschik explains how Open5G has enriched and integrated a global canopy dataset into its decision-making process for rolling out 5G across California.


In his bid to bring connectivity to the greatest number of people possible, Open5G’s CEO Gerry Lawlor says pushing the boundaries with data is critical.


With help from Open5G’s Fabion Kauker, Mark Litwintschik compares latitude and longitude to h3 binning times between PostgreSQL, BigQuery and ClickHouse.